Do you have a strong and authentic visual story hidden within your creative enterprise and want professional support cultivating it?

Heartland can help.

If the project resonates with my personal and creative interests I can work with you to foster grassroots and emotional connections with your audience and help distil your unique story into a powerful narrative.

We would do this together, by using the visual narrative craft and social media expertise I have honed over many years.

  • Visual Storytelling
  • Photography
  • Product & Interior Styling
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Digital Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Brand Strategy & Design
  • Content Creation
  • Copywriting

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Some of my more recent clients include Brave New Eco, Pop Craft Studio, Spacecraft and Sweet Polka.

Read below for what some of my clients have to say about their experience of working alongside me.


"I employed Emma because she has a fantastic ability to communicate the unique qualities and attributes of a brand and to understand it's audience and intentions. I have admired the wonderful work she did building Harvest Textiles and Plump Organic Grocery and knew she has great insight into the particular needs and objectives of small and ethically based business. Emma is a joy to work with, she makes often difficult decisions fun and less complex by distilling your needs down to only what is necessary and effective. Emma's main strengths are her ability to understand what my clients and audience will respond to, her wide variety of skills including excellent photography and visual communication, her ability to refine your language and branding to something that is totally authentic to your message. She is able to get right into the heart of what you offer, and describe in a way you could not yourself. Her process is so client-centered that the impact goes beyond just visual communication and extends into mentoring and business development. She is not concerned with what everyone else does and is happy to approach the process in a way that builds over time and suits your own pace. It's a pleasure to work so collaboratively with another company/ person who supports your business with all the care and attention as if it were her own. Our work with Heartland has vastly increased our audience and scope of work and elevated the work we do. The website so accurately communicates the work we do that we find the clients that come to us are exactly the people we want to work with, and do not have to sell ourselves any further."
Megan Norgate: Brave New Eco

"When it was time to represent my own creative business I called on Heartland Projects because of my faith in Emma's technical skill, creativity and intuition. I felt like I needed an original eye, someone who could capture my sensibility. Ostensibly we documented my portfolio but I felt like Emma found a way to do it that captured the spirit of my work and personality and did it in a way that looked fresh. Her photos not only captured my work but also conveyed my approach to my work: grounded, unpretentious, tactile. Emma took me on an unexpected creative odyssey. She turned a process that had me filled with dread into a voyage of discovery. Working with Emma was an important step in realizing my creative and business ambitions. It helped define for me my audience, area of specialization and sector and presented my work in a fresh, fuss free manner." 
Anna Zagala: Sweet Polka

"My brief for Emma was to make crafts fresh, exciting and funky. I knew there would be great synergy between us as everything Emma delivers is of such high quality. Working with Heartland Projects I enjoyed all the unspoken, working on an intuitive level, experimentation of ideas and also that Emma is resourceful and productive with little capital. The brainstorming sessions were always fun and thrilling. Most of the time I only have a vague idea or feeling of what i want to achieve but Emma always manages to come up with a product that surpasses my expectations."
Pauline Tran-Cecil: Pop Craft 

"Working with Emma is always a delight. She is calm, easy going and always willing to try new things. Her approach to visual identity is simple but effective and you can always rely on her to capture the small, beautiful details in any situation.”
Clara Vuletich: Designer, Researcher and Consultant in the social and ethical impacts of fashion and textiles

"I wanted a web site to present my work as an artist and to promote workshops and exhibitions. I had complete trust that Emma would create a beautiful website as she has a clearly developed aesthetic, and she has the ability to listen - I felt heard all the way through the process. She's also a great woman to hang out with whilst taking the photographs and talking things through. I started with a vague idea of having a web site, and Heartland Projects turned that into something of substance and long term potential. It was a great process and a wonderful outcome."
Merilee Bennett, Wisdom doll-maker and Workshop Facilitator