Heartland is a bespoke creative agency created by me, Emma Byrnes – photographer / designer / slow textiles junkie / visual storyteller / brand innovator / grassroots cultivator / rethinker / garden dweller / nurturer – from Melbourne, Australia.

Heartland is my framework for experimenting with ideas and projects in textiles, design, philosophy, creative enterprise and community. 
It is also where I offer bespoke services to a small stable of creative enterprises - fostering visual storytelling and grassroots branding.

I’ve worked as a photographer, designer, copywriter and creative marketer for more than 20 years.
My passion and expertise is in creating and innovating small businesses and launching unique brands into the market place.
I co-founded Plump Organic Grocery in 2002 and Harvest Textiles in 2010, a hybrid screen-printing company that sold limited-edition textiles, ran workshops and hosted more than 30 design events/collaborations over three years.

In September 2013 I left Harvest to have my third child and then in late 2014 I became a founding member of Pop Craft Studio, established by Pauline Tran-Cecil.

In June 2016 I launched Lifestyle Traveller - a collaborative project with my husband Peter Barrett - that focuses on documenting authentic and meaningful travel stories and explores the notion of education on the road (with three children in tow).

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