My name is Emma Byrnes and I’ve worked as a photographer, designer, copywriter and creative marketer for more than 20 years. My passion and experience is in creating small businesses, and reimagining brands and projects.

Having grown up in small business, I co-founded Plump Organic Grocery in 2002 and Harvest Textiles in 2010 (a hybrid screen-printing company that sold limited-edition textiles, ran workshops and hosted design events). In 2013 I left Harvest to establish Heartland Projects.

In 2016, I launched Lifestyle Traveller—a collaborative project with my husband Peter Barrett—that documents authentic travel stories and explores education on the road (with three children in tow!) 

I love photography but, for me, Heartland Projects is about more than simply capturing a perfect composition. With my small business skills, internet savvy and my training as a journalist, I have the instincts to dig a little deeper. 

There’s a certain amount of mystery tied to every brand, and through my specially honed visual and communication skills, I can offer a glimpse into the magic that makes yours tick.

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