Web design and brand development is a collaborative process and needs your involvement at all stages. The more information we can glean in the early stages the better as it helps to distil your brand and allows a common language to develop.
I have developed three questionnaires to  help this process along. Please take your time and answer ALL of the questions unless they are not applicable to you.
Gather your best brainstormers and/or those who will be making decisions on the design, branding, content and marketing and get their input. (It's best to have their input now instead of at the launch party!) 
Ensure that you have sufficient power to your computer and a reliable internet connection whilst filling out these forms as data may be lost if your computer crashes. I suggest that if you can't fill the form out in one sitting that you cut and paste into a word processing program and save it. Once you are ready to submit your answers you can paste them back into this format.
Please note that the information you provide is treated as highly confidential and will not be shared with anyone. Please in turn respect that these documents are copyright to Heartland and are not to be passed on.
I hope you enjoy this valuable process.
- Emma


What is the name of your brand?
Who will oversee this project in-house to completion?
Who will oversee this project in-house to completion?
If your brand were a person who would they be? Describe their likes/dislikes; where they would live; what they would wear; their favourite colour; their favourite music; their favourite film; any pets; favorite dinner; favorite drink: most prized possession; for relaxation: favorite books; car/bike; best trip ever...
Fave blog #1
Fave blog #2
Fave blog #3
What brings you joy?