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Photograph by  Emma Byrnes

Photograph by Emma Byrnes

An article in Knit Wit Magazine's latest issue features long time collaborator, slow textiles inspiration and dear friend of mine - Clara Vuletich. (I was the photographer on this story by freelance writer Neha Kale.)
Clara is a textile designer, sustainability strategist and yoga teacher. She is one of those treasured folk who greets the birds and flowers in the morning with vigour and fills her life with colour and texture, honouring age old craft traditions in the process.
The article in Knit Wit investigates a link that Clara has been ruminating on for many years - the one between meditation and textile craft techniques. Her belief is that there exist similarities between these simple hand-techniques and meditation, both activities that make us feel calm and relaxed. The piece coincides with another article last week by the New York Times about how craft activities promote the development and maintenance of cognitive health.
Her insights motivated Clara to establish Sutra Stitching workshops in 2013 where she teaches both mantra meditation and hand-stitching side-by-side. Her plan this year is to extend these workshops to a much broader audience - so, if Clara's mindfulness bent piques your interest, be sure to follow her journey. Having spent many hours in her company I can guarantee that you will find nourishment and inspiration.
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