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Brave New Eco's John St project. Photograph by  Emma Byrnes

Brave New Eco's John St project. Photograph by Emma Byrnes

It has been two years since I took on the role of in-house creative branding for Brave New Eco - a Melbourne-based sustainable design company. My role includes in-house photography, web design, branding, social media liaison and general visual overseer. And it has been a wonderful ride. When the company director and senior designer, Megan Norgate, first approached me she had been flying solo for three years with her business in the start-up phase and was ready for an outside eye. Her website was in need of an overhaul and she was keen to find a cohesive way to articulate her brand. Alongside that, she wanted to raise her profile within the industry and distil her unique message towards the right demographic. Together we fleshed out her aims and objectives and we went so far as to give her company a personality. I was looking over the description of this personality today and I felt that we have really managed to imbue her company with these qualities and I am sure that anyone who has worked with Megan would agree:

"(My company) is highly articulate and a little bit clarivoyant (can see into the future). Striking looking on first glance with fabulous natural proportions and style. My company is immediately engaging with a broad, warm and disarming smile. Wearing beautifully and timelessly cut clothes in gorgeous woven fabrics, not showy, but when you get close you are likely to admire the stitching or want to rub the fabric in between your fingers...My favourite possession is the one I already had, that I forgot about but moved one day and realised how wonderful it was again. My company drinks tea, because it needs to sit at the kitchen table with many people and come to know who they are, and in the same way my company is a great host, it invites everyone into it's world, and makes them feel at home. You can take my company anywhere from grand homes to modest shacks and it will notice something wonderful about any place."

I encourage you to browse through Megan's website and see how she is able to resolve her renovation and design projects with a deep respect for the inhabitants' values. She has a philosophy that extends beyond mere makeover but applies a rigour and understanding that result in a responsive, functional and resilient outcome.

Megan has become a respected and much-admired expert in the field of sustainable interior design. Her brand has strength and momentum behind it and I look forward to seeing the next chapter of the Brave New Eco journey unfold over the coming years. We certainly have some exciting plans.

Em x

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Photograph by  Emma Byrnes

Photograph by Emma Byrnes

An article featuring some of my photographs appeared in the latest issue of PIP magazine. It features the Merri Creek Passive Solar House project (that happens to be owned by my client Megan Norgate of Brave New Eco) and is an in-depth exploration of how she and her family have designed an urban oasis based on permaculture principles. The story is well worth a read, as is the entire issue. Filled to the brim with resourceful tips and inspiring insights on all things "permie".  You will find an edited version of the article accompanied by more of my photos on the Brave New Eco website. 

brave new eco

Brave New Eco headquarters at the Big Bang Studio complex. Photograph by  Emma Byrnes

Brave New Eco headquarters at the Big Bang Studio complex.
Photograph by Emma Byrnes

Last year I was approached by Megan Norgate from Brave New Eco to help consolidate her sustainable interiors brand.
When she came to me Megan had already been running her inspiring business for several years but she was ready to get serious in the way she was marketing her talents and her expertise.

After an in-depth investigation into her brand and how it ticked we found ourselves on the same page with the direction we wished Brave New Eco to take. We then launched into a logo redesign and loads of fun photo shoots that included weekends out of town in some gorgeous homes that Megan had blessed with her interiors magic wand.

Getting to know Megan's business from the inside out has been an absolute pleasure. With Brave New Eco she has created a unique business model that combines her love of interiors and style with a deep commitment to sustainability and community. She does not just pay lip service to the green message but instead probes deeply to ensure that her design projects stand the test of time, are as viable as they possibly can be from a green perspective and provide the client with a home that can serve them for many years into the future.

An enlightening interview with Megan was posted on the Milkwood Permaculture blog in early January - it is well worth a read as it explores the way in which she uses permaculture principles in her interior design business and outlines the path that led her to establish her inspiring business.
And don't forget to visit the new Brave New Eco website - designed by yours truly.

Em x